Kerala: Apt destination for enthusiasts as well as peace lovers

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Trip to Kerala
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Kerala – A must visit place

India has been popular for its rich heritage of different cultures as well as for its deep roots in education system all around the whole world.  India is also the top most destinations among the adventure lovers, travel enthusiasts and students as well from all around the world. One of the top most visited tourist place around the whole year in India is Kerala.

Kerala is situated on India’s tropical Malabar Coast. Whether you want to spend a day in outskirts in villages living with elephants or you want to spend time watching a Kathakali show, kerala provides all the fun. Kerala also has the second largest collection of mural paintings and also offer great beaches.  While places such as Wayand , Munnar, Thekkady, provides exposure to wildlife of Kerala, other places like Athirappily,  Thiruvanthapuram, Kochis are best known for their atmospheric peace.

There are many local as well as international tourist service providers like Kerala Holidays India and Chaitanya Holidays that offer Best tour packages. These packages are attractive as well as affordable. Due to variety of destinations to visit and backwater rowing on a houseboat, Kerala is one of the busiest tourist destinations and to keep your itinerary intact with maximum fun you can always rely on these travelling websites to manage everything from travel to accommodation to food. They can provide you Hotel benefits, plans on how to travel without missing any attraction. They usually organize tours to provide better exposure to the beauty of Kerala’s rich heritage such as Kerala eco tours, Kerala Ayurverda tours, Kerala backwater tours at very reasonable prices.Chaitanya holidays is among the top most tourist service in Kerala with feasibility of online booking as well.

If this post entices you to explore the beauty of Kerala, then it’s time that you should go for it. Pleasant atmosphere, lush green surroundings and natural beauty would make the visit a memorable experience. The most appropriate time of visit should be around Onam festival, as then you will be able to see the vivid colors of Kerala.

Tripexperienceblog would come up with more destinations that you should consider to make the best use of your holidays.

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22 thoughts on “Kerala: Apt destination for enthusiasts as well as peace lovers”

  1. Radhika says:

    Kerala is certainly the most beautiful place in India. I already wanted to visit Kerala,after looking at the images and must visit places, my craving to be in Kerala has increased.
    Looking forward to visit here soon.

  2. Sangeet says:

    Hearty thanks to chaitanya holidays for the very cooperative staff, their guidance and advice.
    A comforting and probleml free trip by chaitanya holidays. Also thanks to the hotel manager. Hotel and all facility just amazing.

  3. Neeti Bhavya says:

    Chaitanya holidays gave us a deal of 6 Nights and 7 Days with a nice price quote. The trip was nice. Kerala is a must visit place.

  4. Radhika says:

    I went to Thailand with my friends.. Planned by Chaitanya Holidays. Happy with their services

  5. Siddharth says:

    I had been to Kerala few months back and I had taken the services of Chaitanya Holidays.The services were upto the mark.

  6. Hemant says:

    Kerala is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful place in India. Its god’s own city. They only problem i faced there was food.
    I have heard that Chaitanya Holidays provide proper veg food on demand.

  7. Diandra says:

    Chaitnaya holidays deals not only for the trips to Kerala,they deal in all kind of tour and travel.
    My father went to Malaysia through chaitanya holidays.
    Their trip was good

  8. Preeti Singh says:

    Last year I went to Kerala and I had organised my trip with the help of Chaitanya holidays.They provided us with a sea facing hotel with pool in it !

  9. Sangeet says:

    As stated in this blog, Kerala holidays is certainly a must visit place.

  10. Neeti Bhavya says:

    Chaitanya Holidays really helped my family get through all the obstacle of non veg food.
    Their accommodated hotel is full of nice interiors and good amenities along with pure veg food.

  11. Mini Jain says:

    Chaitanya Holidays is the best guide to provide assistance on tour and travel .

  12. Diandra says:

    Amazing Kerala
    Having studied in Bangalore for 5 years was very much attracted to the South Indian Culture. So had decided that the moment I will get a job, will collect money & explore Kerala. Today, when everything was in my control, only thing had to be decided whom to consult for a memorable trip. I recollected of a friend telling me about Kerala Holidays So, took a Group Package along with my other friends. It did not cost us much plus the enjoyment just Sky Rocketed.

  13. Deepak says:

    Cool trip during Summers
    Being a resident of Delhi becomes a terrible experience, especially when the summer months begin. So I persuaded my Grand Parents that let’s go on a weekly trip to some cool place. So after a nice discussion with everyone decided to go & visit the whole of Uttaranchal. So, I booked 7 days & 6 nights of a nice package of Chaitanya Holidays. We had been a regular client of Chaitanya Holidays, so were familiar of the subtle fine services provided by them.

  14. Radhika says:

    Loaning rates continue as before all through the nation. ALL advances are harder to get. This will drive costs down all over the place.

  15. Siddharth says:

    Kerala is an awesome destination to visit specially for Nature lovers

  16. Hemant says:

    Trip to Sri Lanka
    My parents wanted to go to Sri Lanka, so I had taken a package offered by Chaitanya Holidays. The best quality of them was that unlike other tour operators, they first scan the area, hotels, and places to visit there and then make the necessary tie-ups. So our trip was filled with the visit to the monasteries, tasting the traditional food & also having a visual treat of the colorful culture of the country. I can proudly say that it was not just a trip, but a memorable journey of happiness.

  17. Ronit says:

    Kerala is a beautiful place and one should visit it once in a lifetime.

  18. Sangeet says:

    do they provide holidays packages for places other than Kerala as well?/
    Coz i was looking for a package trip to Goa for around a week and my budget is 30k which should include the flight charges.

  19. gouravjain says:

    I wish to thank you for your incredible trip arrangement, It was phenomenal trip for us & returned back with many memories. The Service from Hotels was astounding & All the transport services, day by day outings are great and in-time .We are all that much satisfied & inspired with driver. I I look forward to take your services Chaitanya Holidays in future for any tour in Kerala & I would recommend your services to others.

  20. prisha says:

    I would strongly recommend Chaitanya Holidays for there customer friendly attitude and care they take to make your holidays enjoyable and hassle free.

  21. Ankit Dogra says:

    So after a nice discussion with everyone decided to go & visit the whole of Uttaranchal. So, I booked 7 days & 6 nights of a nice package of Chaitanya Holidays.

  22. Anjali Sharma says:

    Helped a lot in planning my first trip to Bangkok.From food to accommodation everything was bang on !

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