Beauty of Hyderabad described by Travel Experts

Beauty of Hyderabad described by Travel Experts

Journey of romantic vacations of passionate travelers never ends. Same is in the case of Revati and Charles Victor, and this time the destination is old Hyderabad city. After unveiling Europe as described in the blog, Romantic vacations from the eyes of travel experts , they landed up to Hyderabad for exploring best experiences and sights in Hyderabad, a tour they call the “Deccan Odyssey”. And if you have options to choose organizer, such as, Mustvisitindia you can get your complete trip customized as per your needs.

Hyderabad was never really featured in their minds as a tourist or travel destination in India. But once they uncovered what appeared like more than a hotel, the Taj Falaknuma Palace, they were sure to experience it. Here is a view of Hyderabad described by Travel Experts.

Falaknuma, the word exactly decodes to “like the sky”. It is believed that when Nawab Vikar-Ul-Umra built this palace in 1884, his intent was to construct a world on earth that epitomized the heavens. Evidently he accomplished this aim when the visitor Nizaam decided never to leave, but purchase the palace instead. Taj Falaknuma really is a destination in itself.

Leaving from the palace in auto rikshaws, they flustered through the traffic on narrow streets. They commenced the day with a breakfast stop, right opposite the Charminar. They spotted classical Nimrah Café and Bakery that has been around the oldest timers can bear in mind.

After an appetizing breakfast, they headed towards the focal point that is the street which is famous as Lad Bazaar. The Bazaar of the old city, most of the old shops virtually sell anything now. They realized that the city tour didn’t seem tiring at all. But while they were exploring the city, they were treated to a tailored expedition of the best experiences and sights in Hyderabad.

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