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Adventure Tourism in India: taking thrill to the next level

Adventure Tourism in India, adventure activities

Adventure is what drives most of us. The thrill and feel of adrenalin rush is what adventure brings and make us do the so called impossible. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy relaxing on a beach or love those hilly terrains, you are always out on a trip to witness something never seen or done before. Here is the list of adventure tourism in India:

1. Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand – Living with the dead

This place is a heaven for trekkers, but with a horrifying twist. Yes, the path of this this trek has actually hundreds of human skeletons scattered all over, especially near the lake’s edge. Now, this is what they call living with the dead. If you have a trek buddy, this is the place to be.

Adventure Tourism in India.

2. Skydiving in Mysore- no pool this time

You desire to fly in the open sky and match the bird’s eye view is what skydiving offers. You might have jumped in the pool several times before, but do it different this time. Mysore is one the best destinations to witness adventure tourism in India with its fascinating blue sky and beautiful greenery sprawled across the valley.




3. Shimla to Leh-  Gear up with Motorcycles

Ladakh with its serene beauty and adventurous roads excites many. If you love riding your beast, this countryside is the best place to explore with your mates. If not mates, you can also join any motorcycle expedition like ‘The Raid De Himalaya’. The rally starts from Shimla and goes till Leh, crossing some of the most nerve-wrecking destinations that test your endurance.

Adventure Tourism in India

4. Parasailing in Kerala- High in the sky

Want to have an aerial view of Payyambalam Beach, Kerala? Parasailing is here to answer your wish. You get suspended in the air and feel like a bird flying 300ft above the sea level. Though, the best time to get high in the sky is sunset, where you see the nature’s beauty with the naked eye and just feel the moment.

Adventure Tourism in India

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