6 Offbeat Tourist Places in Karnataka

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Karnataka in south India is filled with many unconventional, offbeat tourist places that can amaze you. All you need to make sure you have a bag packed with essentials and your spirit high up for you to start off and there’s no turning back then.

  1. Marvanthe

tourist places

Just driving across the road leading to Marvanthe will leave you bewildered! With a calm Souparnika river on one side, lying calmly and Arabian Sea on the other side, hitting the rocks with its force is on the Marvanthe stretch. You must also stop at the beautiful beach here.

  1. Ramanagara

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There is something about Ramanagara that will keep calling you back. Mysore is well known for the silk it produces. But very few are know that that the input used for creating those beautifully crafted silk sarees are brought from the city of Ramanagara. Few scenes of the bollywood epic “Sholay” were filmed on the rocks of Ramanagara.

  1. Gokarna

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Once you reach here, you’ll be reminded of Goa, but with one significant difference – it’s not a commercial place. You can hold your drink in your hand, light a bonfire, watch the sunset, have people dancing around, and enjoy ravishing food. Gokarna has a lot in the store for you. There are trains from Mangalore and Goa to reach here, or you can travel by road too.

  1. Agumbe

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Agumbe will give you a break from the daily routine, with a replacement of waterfalls, trekking facilities and the perfect sunset (literally!). Agumbe is just 55km away from Manipal and around 100km from Mangalore Airport. The weather here is charming and you get to see the sun setting in such a dramatic manner that you’ll be left mesmerized.

  1. Kodaikanal Palni Hills

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These hills have a unique blend of Shola plantation and the fragrance of Eucalyptus all around. It is one of the lesser known reasons that Kodaikanal Palni Hills are also called “The Gift of the Forest”. Be it the presence of pleasing cold climate throughout the year (provided you are staying near the lake), the Magical fruit or delicious chocolates, Kodai has it all.

  1. Hampi

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Are you an adventure lover who’s had enough of work? Hampi, a spot known for its archaeology and history, is a place where you need to go. The best time to visit is November-February; nonetheless, tourists are there throughout the year, enjoying amazing things that the place has to offer. Once, you’re here; you need a cycle or bike, or you can choose to walk it off! There’s a river: on one side, and temples on the other. There are a lot of café’s and hippies around too.

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