6 Exotic Places to Travel without Your Family


There are times when all you want to do is take an all-boys’ or all-girls’ trip, where you can be yourself, doing the wildest of things possible with your gang! Be it a bachelor’s party or a hen party, you want to break free from the family mould and freshen up with your friends.  Here are top six hot places to travel with your gang:

Kasol, India 

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Kasol is a village situated in Himachal Pradesh, India. This place is literally a Shangri-La for Ganja lovers. It’s on the checklist of every Indian stoner and hippie expats. Although Marijuana and Hash are illegal here, they’re easy to procure. However, the law is quite strict and you can’t smuggle its finest Mary Jane outside (duh). Since this village is embraced by the Himalayas, it serves as the perfect spot to get high, and meditate. In fact, many refuse to return home once Kasol has them.

Las Vegas, USA 

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Of course, a lot of you have heard of this extravagant city famed for its casinos and gambling tables. Situated in the middle of a desert, this American city also features strip clubs and bars. It’s tableau of neon signs and colorful advertisements. You can enjoy a variety of dance and magic shows as well.

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

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Amsterdam is another hotspot for stoners. Legality of Marijuana in this European city attracts thousands of tourists every year. There are coffeeshops that serve eatables, soft drinks, alcohol and cigarettes laced with Marijuana.  Amsterdam is also famous for its red light district, De Wallen. You’ll also find the area full of sex shows and a sex museum in a neon-tinted environment.

Hamburg, Germany 

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The nightlife in Hamburg is second to none. The city is dotted with night clubs, bars, pubs, and strip clubs, mostly in Reeperbahn. Patrons can drink as much as they like and dance till their feet get tired. The Reeperbahn Festival highlights impressive arts, films and delicious food.

Rio de Janerio, Brazil 

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Many of you have heard of the Brazilian carnivals. These fiestas showcase glamorously dressed Latina women. The fiesta in Rio is the most prominent one among these carnivals. We’re sure your girlfriend won’t appreciate you enjoying this grand show.

Bangkok, Thailand  

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The Hangover 2 well documents why it’s not a good idea to visit Bangkok with your parents. Bangkok’s nightlife experience is quite different from its European equivalents. Don’t miss Khao San Road’s roof-top pubs. More importantly, if you’re gay, you’ll find plenty of gay bars in Bangkok than all of these places to travel for straight stags.

Enjoy your bombastic trip! 

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