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5 Best Places to Visit this Christmas in India

Christmas in India.

The joyful festival, Christmas can be enjoyed to the fullest only in a right place. Let’s know five best places to enjoy Christmas in India.

The last month of the year, December is the most celebrated month of the year because of Christmas. It is a contagious festival and every person joins in the celebration. As the traditions of the festival unravel itself, we lose ourselves to the joyous moment.

1. GOA

Being in India, Goa is highly influenced by Portuguese culture and has a predominantly higher Christian Population. It is one of the best places to be in for experiencing the traditions of Christmas in India.

Christmas in Goa.

The culture of the place is significantly diverse and adds a varied feel to the festival. The appetizing roasted and grilled seafood can make your Christmas special. The goan delights of batika, pinarg and bibinca along with the Portuguese grape wine is a combination that no other state in India can offer. There is also a famous Sunburn festival that takes place in the starting of the New Year.


With the irresistible cold, Christmas in the hill station of Shillong is a delightful affair. The extreme cold weather makes it one of the few less crowded places during the festival.

Christmas in India.

You can take part in the spiritual sessions at the oldest church in the north-east region of India, the Cathedral Church. The streets are filled with traditional dance performances and the local bands play gospel music in the churches. The festival, if celebrated in Shillong can be a treat to the senses. Christmas here is a peaceful yet joyful celebration of the year.


With its own varied culture, Pondicherry allows you to enjoy a French-style Christmas. The city is popularly known as ‘Little France’ in India.

Christmas in India

It is one of the best and inexpensive places to spend Christmas in India. The serene beaches, mouth-watering seafood and its apt weather makes it the ideal place to enjoy the festival. The lovely Christmas light decorations and Christian community will make your festival extremely joyful.


Home to all different cultures, Bangalore is blessed architecturally with stunning churches built by the Europeans. The masses held at the French and British styled churches of Bangalore cannot be missed.

Christmas in India.

It is one of the best places to visit in December to celebrate the festival while enjoying the extraordinary night life. The place offers a taste of Christmas food. Several restaurants serve exclusive Christmas buffet to add a special flavor to your celebrations. The luminous Brigade Road Market is a must to take a walk and shop.


Where the rest of the places offer new ways of celebrating the festival, Kerala is a place to experience completely traditional festivities. The city celebrates the birth of the lord in the most extravagant manner.

Christmas in India

The huge Christian population and various churches give a feel of deep-rooted cultural celebrations of the festival. You will find the cribs in almost every house. The city glows with the twinkling Christmas lights throughout the month. Churches remain open the whole night on Christmas Eve. The fruit cakes and other delights make the festival extra special. It is certainly one of the best places to visit for perfect celebrations of Christmas in India.

Various other cities can be visited in India. However, these five are the best places to visit in December to make your Christmas celebrations extra special.

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5 Best Places to Visit this Christmas in India

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