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Unexplored places to visit in India on World Heritage Day

places to visit

India is full of heritage sites. You will get innumerable beautiful and tourist spots in India. However, there are only some points known to general public. Rest of the places lie unexplored and untouched. Here is a list of some of the unexplored places to visit in India.

  1. Kurnool, Seem Andhra: Kurnool is the home of temples, caves and forts, but until now this place is unexplored. Kurnool is a good place to visit in winters as the summers are as usual hotter and monsoons are wetter. Kurnool is the home of Peta Anjanyeswami temple, new shirdi Sai Baba temple, The Venugopalswami temple, Birla mandir, Belum caves, Oravakallu rock garden, Rollapadu wild life sanctuary and there is a famous tomb too, Tomb of Abdul Wahab. Beautiful greenery and peaceful environment is another attraction point of Kurnool.

places to visit

  1. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh: Arunachal Pradesh, itself is unexplored state and one of the best places to visit in India. However, Ziro is a small town in this state. If you are in search of nature and peace, then this the ultimate place to visit. It is full of greenery and patchy rice fields. People in north east possess very calm and cool nature and people of Apa Tani tribe are very mingling and they feel your stay feel like home.

places to visit

  1. Tawang Arunachal Pradesh: Another town of Arunachal Pradesh, that is less known to world is Tawang. Though this place several monasteries and beautiful land and sky. This town is the birthplace of Dalai Lama and of course worth a visit. The best time to visit is summer that is from March to September. Winters are very chilly here. This place has its own aura which makes it much attractive.

places to visit

  1. Majuli, Assam: Assam, another state of India which everyone knows about, but no one explored it. Maluji, is the world’s largest fresh water Island. This river island is located on Brahmaputra river, which twenty kilometres away from the city of Jorhat. It is referred as cultural capital of Assam. It is the house of many temples and splendid festivals throughout the year. Though you can explore this place any time round the year, but monsoon is the best time to visit this place.

places to visit

  1. Champaner, Gujrat: This is one of the UNESCO world heritage site. It is said that hills of champaner are a part of Himalayas which carried from Himalaya and established them in Champaner. Best time to visit this place is winters that is September to February. This place is full of historical appeal and the Champaner Archaeological park worth’s a visit.

places to visit

Though the list for the places to visit in India doesn’t end here. There is so much unexplored so start preparing your list on this World Heritage Day.

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