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Bhopal – A city with rich history, wounded past and lively present


Bhopal is the capital of India’s largest state, Madhya Pradesh. Divided by two beautiful lakes, Bhopal is also called The City of Lakes. The city is dotted by a number of important mosques, including the Taj-ul-Masjid, the Jama Masjid and the Moti Masjid.
Despite the fact that in 1984 the city witnessed one of the largest industrial disasters of the world, the Gas Tragedy, it has emerged as one of the fastest growing state capitals in India. The city struggled to overcome the effects of the tragedy in the successive years. Also, the economic growth was stalled and Bhopal was captured by a recession period.
The economy of Bhopal is mainly based on industries, making it an important industrial center of Madhya Pradesh. A number of companies from different sectors came up and developed multiple projects. This led to a massive transformation in the economy, as well as the living standards.
At present, holistic development can be seen all across Bhopal. The real estate sector played a major role in transforming the landscape of the city. Developers in Bhopal, including Nitin Agarwal from Swadesh Group, Ajay Mohgaonkar from Fortune Builders, Sanjeev Agrawal from Agarwal Construction Company and Vineet Chauhan from Virasha Infrastructure, constructed various luxurious residential and commercial projects, which led to the development of various localities.
Along with the landscape, several other sectors witnessed a transformation. These are:
Industrial Development
Lately, Bhopal has seen a surge in industrial development. Cotton, electrical goods, chemical and flour milling are chief sources of economy. The handicrafts industry producing artworks of Zardoari and embroidery are also prominent. As the city has developed into a metropolis, IT and software companies have also come up.
Availability of potable water, well-planned and full-fledged sewage systems, excellent education facilities and sophisticated medical services among others, have led to an improved infrastructure of Bhopal. Several policies of the government have also been a major contributor. Moreover, commercial and residential projects constructed in different localities also ensured the availability of various basic necessities. Stakeholders such as Vineet Chauhan, Sanjeev Agrawal, Ajay Mohgaonkar and Nitin Agarwal in Bhopal, are some of the people who have influenced the infrastructural development.
Bhopal embraces the National Highway (NH12), which connects it to several other big cities across India. Also, it is connected to Sagar in the East and Indore in the West through National Highway 86. Besides the improved roadways, the city is also connected through a convenient railway network.
Apart from the development, Bhopal has also emerged as one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in India. Most of these destinations speak about the history of the city, while giving it a modern touch.

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Bhopal – A city with rich history, wounded past and lively present

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    I have been to Bhopal, one of the lesser known places to tourists but a must visit.

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