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    I am willing to go to Kerala ,Goa and Kanyakumari in May. Numerous individuals let me know not to go as it is extremely hot and stormy. Others say that it will be decent and that storm begins at june just.
    One of my friend has been to Kerala in May and could issue me an exhortation? On the other hand are different locales better in May/june?



    Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in adavance

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    Neeti Bhavya

    Hi Radhika

    May is not a “nice” time to be in Kerala….May is presumably the all around most blazing piece of the year in India. Regardless, it can similarly grow the dampness. Really, the stormy season is one of my most adored times of year in India. Tempest hits the bank of Kerala in any case, then advances up the coast to Goa and Mumbai.
    It’s the last part of summer and just before the storm. It is hot in Kerala around then of year, be that as it may, the onset of the storm can frequently chill it off a bit. Goa has been known for its rainstorm parties, however I haven’t been there for it myself. Rainstorm is the customary time of year to stay in one spot, launch ayurvedic treatment (Kerala), ruminate, a period for thought, and so on. It can frequently make voyaging testing.
    One or more is that the hot season and the stormy season are the off-season also, which implies you can regularly get diminished rates at inns, and so on and it additionally implies that the group at the enormous traveler destinations will be less.



    Hey, I have been to Kerala a couple of times and I must say,suffocating it was in April. It was so hot and sticky – so I would def evade May. Best time for Goa and Kerala is November – March.
    and to have a look at the list of not to miss places in Kerala u can look at this post – Explore Kerala



    Above all else Kanniyakumari comes in Tamil Nadu. There are Daily Trains towards kanniyakumari. On the off chance that you have 3 Days. You a do Sightseeing in All the spots in kanniyakumari. Regardless of the fact that you have less time You can Hike a Taxi for kanniyakumari and completion ur touring in 1 Days moreover



    Kerala is truly a huge district and, most imperative, associations are moderate.
    We were in Kanniyakumari last february while staying in Kovalam. The outing, via auto, took around 3 hours, so I can say that a day by day visit is OK if based not in this way. In any case, going to Kanniyakumario implies a remarkable event to ocean both dawn and nightfall, I’m certain you would adore this.

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