Seven Instagram famous café in Rishikesh

café in rishikesh

Considered as a magnet for spiritual-seekers, the panoramic city of Rishikesh is dotted with many ashrams, and several yoga and meditation centres. The city of Rishikesh depicts a perfect blend of different sort of people, tradition as well as landscape.

However, we bring the hidden side of the city. Religion blends with food and are also well-reflected in the multifaceted soul of the city. The best examples can be quoted in the quaint shops and distinctive eateries of the city.

We have scoured the city to bring you the top locations for food lovers. Bite into the savory and relish the culinary revolution.

Popular food café in rishikesh

Little Buddha Café

The quirky treehouse is among the busiest spots in the city. The multi-cuisine café offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options and the home to the hip joints of Kasol and Manali. The must on eateries include pizza and the mixed vegetable platter.

Freedom Café

One can have a picturesque view of the Ganga and soul-stirring music along with famous pancakes and yummy food. Its specialties include Banana Nutella and Shakshuka.

The 60s Café

The café is a tribute to The Beatles. Onc can look at the picture of the English rock band at a huge wall panel adorned with vinyl records. Theirmust-try includes rice flour crepe filled with onion, tomato, zucchini, and mozzarella cheese.

Bistro Nirvana

Pleasing staff and soulful music in Bistro Nirvana are its key highlights. The add-ons include elevated tables, cushioned bench seating along with a shaded patio. You must try the Cheese Cromosque and Hello To The Queen if you ever pay a visit to the place.

The Pyramid Café

Sit under the pyramid-shaped roofs to choose from a home-cooked menu. The friendly owners of the café also give well-kept pyramid tents with double beds here.


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