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Calm your senses and welcome tranquility at the Santa Marinella Beach

When in Rome, there is something just a 30 minute train ride away from the city. What is it you ask? Well, a beach that takes you on a cool Mediterranean journey and cools you off for the rest of your trip. The beauty is called Santa Marinella Beach, and offers crystal clear waters and a great environment to relax.

Once off the train, all you need to do is follow the swimsuit crowd and you’ll arrive at the beach in no time. The beach, similar to other beaches in Italy, offers you two options. First, you can rent a stabilimento with umbrellas and sunbeds to lie down and enjoy the amazing beach weather. The stabilimento offer a shower and changing cabin too. Second, you can get to the public part of the beach and lie down wherever you want. The Santa Marinella public beach is only a ten minute walk away from the one with stabilimento. Instead of right, turn left on the first intersection and walk along till you find it.

Once you are content with the swimming, lying down, sun bathing and salt love for your skin, you can then head to the amazing restaurants that offer delicious seafood. With choices aplenty, you can choose any, and experience the fresh seafood served for your taste buds to relish. Also, the fish here is much cheaper compared to rest of the city.

After a delightful meal that makes your belly content and your heart sink with love for fresh food, it is now time to head back home. All you need to do is walk back to the train station and catch the next train to Rome, where you’ll remember the day well spent for the rest of your trip.

A sun-dipped watery getaway, Santa Marinella is an ideal spot to take a break, while you are on a break. And trust us when we say, it does feel good!

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