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Make your way to Goa!


Goa is certainly a very well known tourist destinations in India. A huge number of travelers travel from far off lands just to witness the glory and glamour of this tiny state of Goa. Though it is a small state yet it has a lot to offer to the tourists. From serene beaches to funky parties to calm nature, one can dive into a variety of experiences as per ones choice.

The state of Goa is extremely rich in terms of cultural heritage and even today one can catch a glimpse of the ancient culture in various parts of Goa. Tour and travel experts, suggest that one of the most superb ways to witness the beauty of Goa is by renting a bike or scooter and drive on random streets of this exotic place.

Another best part of a trip to Goa is that you get to see the spice plantations amidst the dense forests around Ponda. This turns out to be a really good experience for curious travelers who crave to explore new and different things. Goa’s lush tropical climate makes it an ideal place to grow spices. The spice farms are open to visitors. You can either hire a guided or you can explore the place on your own, it is totally up to you. Being the Portuguese capital of India, Goa is a place you must visit.

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